Welcome to the Idaho Thoroughbred Assoc.

The ITA board is in the process of establishing the 2015 stakes race purse structure.  Once this task is complete, the Idaho Cup nomination forms will be available on- line and in the monthly newsletter. 

We need your support!

After being authorized only two years ago, Historical Horse Racing is in serious jeopardy.  Legislation repealing Historical Horse Racing Machines in Idaho is gaining support in the Idaho Legislature, and we cannot afford to lose this new revenue source. 

In its first six months, Historical Horse Racing has increased purses, lead to improvement in facilities, and provided more than $63,000.00 in funding to Idaho's small track fund and breeding programs, and more than $156,000.00 has gone to Idaho schools and racing commission.  Imagine the impact after six years, or six decades.  We may never see the true impact.

CALL or EMAIL Members of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee (listed below), and ask them to SAVE HISTORICAL HORSE RACING

Chair, Senator Curt McKenzie 332-1407
Vice Chair, Senator Patti Anne Lodge 332-1320
Senator Bart Davis 332-1305
Pro Tem, Senator Brent Hill 332-1300
Senator Chuck Winder 332-1308
Senator Jeff C. Siddoway 332-1342
Senator Todd M. Lakey 332-1328


The Idaho Thoroughbred Association is a non-profit association with its primary purpose to create and provide financial incentive to breed, to win and to race Idaho bred thoroughbred horses. As a secondary purpose, the Association will represent the interests of all thoroughbreds racing in the state of Idaho.

The goals of the Association are to provide education of, promotion of, market sources for, and give legislative input for the betterment of the breed as follows:

  • To advertise, foster and promote the thoroughbred horse industry in the state of Idaho.
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning thoroughbred horses bred and raised in the state of Idaho.
  • To create, foster and encourage a better business climate for the thoroughbred horse industry within the state of Idaho by providing information concerning the industry and its importance to the state as whole.
  • To assist, promote and encourage cooperation among breeders, owners and trainers of thoroughbred horses in the state of Idaho.

Idaho Thoroughbred Association is run by elected Officers consisting of President, Vice-President, Past President, and Financial Officer, and a twelve member Board of Directors. All of whom are regular members in the association and actively engaged in the Thoroughbred industry.